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2 Days Post Op9

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Last night was a little rough.   My apartment is on the thrid floor and we weren’t quite ready to conquer that obstacle on day one so we’re lucky that Abby’s Aunt Susie was generous enough to let us stay at her house…which is stair free.  Abby was sick from all the injectable pain meds the Vet gave her during the day and vomited on the car ride to her Aunts house and a couple times on Aunt Susie’s carpet (SORRY AUNT SUSIE!!!)   She had no appetite and I was starting to become concerned.  Luckily around 3:30 am she woke me up, ate an entire serving of her food and drank a ton of water.  Since then, however, I haven’t been able to get her to eat anything else.  I’ve offered her all her favorites…peanut butter, cheese, bread, butter…nothing seems to peak her interest.  I wouldn’t be too concerned but she’s clearly in pain and I cannot give her Metacam without a meal.  I was able to get some Tramadol down her (that wasn’t pretty and she was a little mad at me for a while) and that has seemed to help ease her pain some.

Headed to Aunt Susies...but feeling a little car sick 🙁

Other than the lack of appetite, however, all is good on day 2.  We’re having a lazy day (Vet’s orders) and laying in my sister’s tv room watching terrible daytime television.  We did have the opportunity to get outside and Abby’sstill walking around and using the bathroom all on her own.  In fact she even picked up the pace to a trott for a little bit…testing out her new wheels.  She definitely enjoys being outside so I’ve taken  her bed outside for some squirrel watching.

Getting a little fresh air

As you can see in these pictures Abby’s wearing the Ruff Wear harness.  I checked with my vet to make sure she could wear it while her wound was still healing and he gave me the ok.  I have to say its been a huge help.  The handle has made it so much easier for me to help her up and down steps and in and out of my car.

Although its hard to see Abby in pain I know that soon enough she’ll be bouncing around like the same crazy girl she was.  We have a big weekend ahead with our friend from college coming into town tomorrow and Abby’s Uncle Chris coming Friday.  I’m sure she’ll love the attention and it will be great to have the help when Abby and I return home and conquer our biggest obstacle….the 3 flights of stairs that lead up to my apartment!

This is definitely not one of the easiest things we’ve been through but with the generosity of family and friends and the amazing rebounding of my little Abner its much better than I expected.  I know its still a long road ahead until she’s completely recovered from her surgery and in two weeks we start chemo which will be a whole new challenge.  I try not to worry about whats to come and just be thankful that she’s here with me now.  We celebrate every little victory and take things one day at a time, for us that has been the key to making it through with a positive outlook.

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  1.    Peyton's Path at February 3rd, 2010 4:32 pm:

    Sounds like Abby is getting around really well! It is hard to see our babies in pain and not feeling well. It does get a whole lot better! First two weeks are the hardest with recovery and pain meds. Hang in there! Be strong for Abby and don’t focus on the unknown! Enjoy her today!!! We were fortunate enough to spend 16 weeks with our golden Peyton after his amputation. We would have loved more time with him, but wouldn’t change a thing. Any quality time was worth the whole process and adventure. Good luck and we will be thinking about you. Good luck on your fund raiser, I wish we lived in Florida so we could attend!

  2.    em6619 at February 3rd, 2010 4:34 pm:

    Hang in there girl. You are strong and can do this. Remember how much you mean…. Feel the love and this too shall pass…..

  3.    jakesmom at February 3rd, 2010 7:41 pm:

    Sounds like you have your hands full… Abby is probably not hungry due to the pain… so she needs to get her pain meds in, with or without food… Water is very important too! If she’s not drinking, then use a syringe to force feed her… It’s only been 2 days now… so hopefully tomorrow and the day after, things will get a bit better. If you’re worried about her tummy with the pain meds… and if she’s vomiting, our vet told us to give pepcid AC… and that helped alot! If it didn’t they would have added some carafat to help coat the stomach.

    Good luck and remember… the first 2 weeks are the worse… If there are no post-op complications, after that it’s a breeze!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  4.    maggie at February 3rd, 2010 8:33 pm:

    Hang in there….tough two weeks….I don’t know what you feed her normally but my dog preferred dry kibble or dry liver treats(similar to kibble) when she went off her food after surgery. I could get her to eat one piece at a time of it by hand feeding her. She also liked fried eggs. But the mainstay that I could depend on her eating was dry kibble(she is a raw fed dog normally). I tried different brands – Wellness, Solid Gold, Orijen. The drier the better – Wellness mostly.
    Thought this might help with your pup in figuring out something for her to eat.
    Thinking of you….keep us updated.
    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  5.    anyemery at February 3rd, 2010 8:56 pm:

    These first few days can be rough. Holly had an upset tummy, and our vet suggested browning some ground beef and mixing it with rice. I gave her small amounts of that and she sometimes would eat it. It seemed to work better to try small amounts every few hours than to do her regular 2 meals a day. She also would eat a few spoons of plain yogurt. I think others suggested pumpkin to me, but I never did try that. Eventually I mixed the ground beef/rice with her kibble and that also worked. But initially she turned her head away at her kibble. I hope Abby’s tummy feels better soon…
    Holly and Holly’s mom

  6.    tai09 at February 3rd, 2010 9:57 pm:

    I was lucky with Tai in that she almost always will eat – anything. She did go off her food a little bit though and I had to resort to those things usually reserved as special treats like cheese. I ended up taking her off of the Tramadol several days earlier than planned as it seemed to make her extremely lethargic and kind of sick. Tai was “picky” and preferred dry kibble over anything else. Luckily the Metacam is palatable and coated the kibble well. I’m sure she’ll get an appetite back again soon – she is a lab after all. Keep us posted. All the best. Tai and Tai’s Mum

  7.    Gina at February 4th, 2010 5:47 am:

    Hey Abby, here’s a recipe for dogs that are not eating well. It has high protein and fat so you don’t have to eat much to keep the weight on. I’m sending the small dog recipe because you may want to try them first, before you make up a big dog batch!'t-eat.html


  8.    Gina at February 4th, 2010 5:48 am:'t-eat.html

    Oops, that last link was broken, try this!

  9.    Gina at February 4th, 2010 5:49 am:

    Hmmmm, well, just cut and paste it…..:-)

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